Our Story

In 2005 I was determined to find a supportive and comfortable bra that didn’t create visible bra lines on my back. After trying everything on the market and being completely disillusioned and disappointed with all of them, I realized that if I wanted such an undergarment I would have to create it myself. And so that’s exactly what I did!

It’s been quite a while since we launched our first product, the Unbelievabra Ultimate, and while most start-ups fail in the first few years of business, Shapeez has beaten the odds, growing into a multi-million dollar company. Our patented, innovative products are proudly manufactured and distributed in North America using the highest quality, environmentally conscious components. I am proud to introduce you to the Shapeez line of back smoothing bras and shapewear solutions that provide 360° degree of luxurious shaping, support, slimming, and smoothing. I hope they will exceed your expectations in every way.

— Staci Berner,
Shapeez CEO & Creator of the Unbelievabra
Picture of Staci Berner, creator of the Unbelievabra

“Hi Staci,
The ultimate compliment?
The very first day I wore my new Unbelievabra, I went downstairs and my husband asked me if I lost some weight! Ha! Unbelievable...

— Sincerely, Dohi from Maryland